Monday, May 18, 2009

Golf, poker and professional wrestling

My carpool buddy Seth and I are back together again after a baseball season hiatus. We played disc golf last Friday to finish off the week, and he mentioned today that he couldn't wait for summer to arrive. I saw it coming from a car seat away.

"We should bring our shorts and discs so we can golf tomorrow," he said. "We should do the same thing Wednesday." Smells like teen spirit. I'm in. It is fun to throw a good drive and watch others do the same. I love it when a single asks to drive through my group and buzzes one past my ear for an easy birdie. I do the same sometimes but also have a fondness for ticks, trees and sextuple bogeys.

I might have to take a rain check Wednesday since I am still on the brink of my big poker comeback. Even my girlfriend won't let me gasp for air. I played online yesterday and held a K-10. The flop came as K-K-2. She bet small, so I put her on K-something less than 10. She actually held K-J and built her house on the turn.

I flopped trip aces at Bailey's last week. A Duke fan who previously sucked out four times raised my action bet. I just called and checked the turn. He checked. A seemingly harmless jack fell on the river. I went all in. He called and flipped over jacks full. What the hell? I figured he didn't even look at his cards. Ugh. Writing about this stuff will turn it around.

I finally saw The Wrestler. It's been a long time since I cared about a character this much. I won't spoil the ending but will say it is a fantastic finish to a fantastic film. This should have beat the pants off "Slumdog Millionaire." Mickey Rourke, we love you man.

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