Thursday, May 28, 2009

Damage control, man golf, North Korea

I discovered a half dozen important e-mails from parents and students in my spam e-mail folder tonight. A coworker told me somebody adjusted the spam filter. Now the damn thing hides the most important e-mails we get. Technology is a double-edged sword that I cannot live without and will never forgive. I have problems.

Three of my coworkers and I will play a disc golf scramble tomorrow if the rain stays away. One fellow is my gray bearded, young-at-heart mentor. Another is a relatively new father who, when asked if he would like to play, said yes without hesitation. Two-year-olds will be around no matter the weather, but not all days accomodate golf.

In other news North Korea farted underground and told its neighbors to bugger off. This blog has never been political, but let me say this about the Korea situation. It is bad. Move me to the top of your RSS news folder. I am well informed.

"Now watch me hit this drive."
~George W. Bush

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