Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brown line to Belmont

I meant to write about New York City when I got back to Chapel Hill. The trip was amazing. My girlfriend helped me write a long list of things I would write about. That list qualifies as metawriting, which I think means writing about writing. Even more useless than this is an educational concept called metacognitive thinking, which is thinking about thought. We inexplicably expect our struggling schoolchildren to understand this process. Right.

I am in Chicago now with my sister. My Carolina friend Anne and her boyfriend gathered friends for a night on the town that stands as my memory of real, adult Chicago.

Anne's friends were all exceptionally kind to me. The people make the town, and Chicago was a great town last night. I remember stranger hugs and calling the hogs with "soo-ie"; I met an Arkansas Razorback fan. Best of all I saw Anne happy, a seemingly perpetual state for her but one she confessed last night. A happy friend makes a happy friend.

It is strange that I know Manhattan better than Chicago since I grew up less than an hour's drive from the Windy City and spent only five days in the Big Apple. But it's true. Chicago will always seem like the neighbor next door I never knew.

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