Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It ain't braggin' if it's true

A month ago a Dukie friend sent me a message after the Devils won the ACC tournament.

Sorry for the way it ended for your team. Ah, the ups and downs of March, eh?

He wrote some other stuff, but that was the part I remember. One month later Carolina stands atop the basketball world for multiple reasons. We won the regular season ACC championship. We beat Duke twice. We forced the Duke class of 2009 to watch Carolina beat Duke four years in a row at Cameron. We vindicated an entire team that put off the NBA for one more season. History has not seen a NCAA tournament performance as dominant as ours. We have more NCAA tournament wins than any other school. Tyler broke J.J.'s ACC career scoring record. We are the national champions again in 2009 as we were in 2005, 1993, 1982 and 1957. The battle of Tobacco Road will rage on with the turn of seasons, but right now we rest at peace.

I was tempted to copy and paste my friend's message back to him, but he probably got the message on April 6. You have to let the Dukies stew.

"Roy's got two, and Dean has two," another Dukie colleague said, "but K has three."

Clearly this guy forgot McGuire's 1957 team and struggles to add integers. Leave them be, Tar Heels. It's football season now.

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