Saturday, April 18, 2009

Correction, yard work

Let me amend my previous half endorsement of Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Several of the stories are more repulsive than funny and not much fun to read. I will stand behind some of the stories that made me laugh out loud, but the book loses in the end. Women and men and anyone else with a pulse should stay away from this one.

My friend had me over to his place yesterday to help him start a lawn mower.

"We'll have to have a beer first," he said. "Have to loosen up a little bit before we start."

We drank and proceeded to his yard where he had three old, broken mowers. We would have to try to jumpstart the best one with another. He told me to pull the trigger while he held the wire in place. This was what the beers were for. I shocked him, but he told me it happens all the time. We tried a few more times until we "flooded the engine" and had to quit.

My girlfriend told me today that the police blotter reported a stolen lawn mower from an abandoned lot. Who keeps tabs on lawn mowers in abandoned lots that are only good for their electrical current? I'll have to call him to see what's up.

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