Saturday, July 4, 2009


Carolina's kickoff with The Citadel is nine weeks away. I will post YouTube material each Saturday to take us to Sept. 5.

"What past is there to remember for Carolina football?" the cynic will say.

"Nay, naysayer," I say.

The fourth-ranked Miami Hurricanes came to Chapel Hill in 2004 as Atlantic Coast Conference newbies. They were undefeated and revered. Quarterback Brock Berlin, corner back Antrel Rolle and athlete Devin Hester led Miami's charge. Leading the Heels were Madison Hedgecock, Jesse Holley, Chad Scott and Darian Durant. Another Tar Heel would write his name into history with four seconds remaining. Years later I saw him at a party and told him his picture was on my wall.

"Oh," he said.

I remember that night well. We led for much of the game, yet the crowd held its breath until the score was final. The Heels were not outfoxing the 'Canes; they simply outplayed them in nearly every category. Students clung to each other before that final snap and quietly made deals with their higher beings to always do their homework, drink from the well, sing the alma mater, tell the truth and politely curse Duke. Oh, bless their hearts.

And it really worked. I kept broken hedge twigs collected from the rush atop my television for months. I called friends from home who initially thought we beat small potatoes Miami of Ohio. And I knew then that I had discovered my new love: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heel football.

Thanks to ESPN and YouTube. You cannot hear the words of The Voice, so I'll write them here.

"Barth for the possible win. Snap. Spot. Kick away. High enough. Long enough. IT'S GOOD! IT'S GOOD! CAROLINA HAS WON THE GAME ON A 42-YARD FIELD GOAL BY FRESHMAN CONNOR BARTH! GOOD GOSH GIRDY!"
~The Woody Durham call

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