Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quiet night

My mom is in town, and tonight I did some work downstairs while she watched television. I faced away from the set so I had no visual distraction. The shows she watched sounded funnier without the visual cues. Take, for example, "The View."

The chatter immediately reminded me of old Saturday Night Live parodies with each of the five women trying to drown out the other four. The effect was that the viewer could not understand anything until Tracy Morgan, one of the men with whom I hope to play poker in heaven, shouted something marginally obscene over the din and qualified the statement with "I am a lawyer." I cannot find this on YouTube anywhere.

The other upstairs poker buddies will be Kevin James, Ray Romano, Roy Williams, John Bunting, Dr. Horne, Chuck Beach, Barack Obama and Dad. That's just off the top of my head. KJ will eat all the food. Roy will call me youngster. John Bunting will tell me he loves me after losing a pot. Dr. Horne will laugh hard and sweat. Dad will take forever to act. Beach will leave early. Obama will win. Did you know he occasionally smokes? I guess we'll have to take a break when we color up.

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