Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pick 1

Writers write. People read writers. People talk. Writers listen. Writers write. Is that the progression? My two recent commenters increased my audience by 200 percent. The quantity of readers does not matter, but the quality matters immensely. The same is true of writing and writers. Hello, Sara and Ms. Richardson.

I decided on something big today. The many variables weighed heavy. The pro-con list would have looked more like a flow chart, so I did not make one. Instead I threw all the information together on my drive home from work and let it mush. The decision popped out of my head and hovered above the dashboard like a lottery ball. I sat at the I-85 ramp red light, looking at my ping-pong impossibility that towered above the frenzied balls below.

Not having a heart would be too easy. Not having a head would be too damn fun.

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