Friday, June 8, 2007


My friend, Kim, got married last weekend in the eye of a hurricane. She used to stay up until the wee hours, helping me study at Carolina. I saw a dear friend very happy.

My sister graduated from Harvard yesterday. I strolled the Cambridge streets without aim all day. I will do the same tomorrow.

This new life of ease gives me time to read. I am halfway through W.P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe. I will try to remember the name Karin if I ever have a daughter.

I will now retire to my sister's air mattress, which requires several inflations each night.

"The process is all so slow, as dreams are slow, as dreams suspend time like a balloon hung in midair. I want it all to happen now . . . I want whatever miracle I am party to, to prosper and grow: I want the dimensions of time that have been loosened from their foundations to entwine like a basketful of bright embroidery threads. But it seems that even for dreams, I have to work and wait. It hardly seems fair."

~W.P. Kinsella


  1. that sounds like a sweet book... i'm adding it to my reading list :)


  2. it WAS quite the storm. the day was perfect though. and i'm so glad you were there. thanks for making the trip and bringing melissa along with you.