Monday, February 25, 2013

My reactions to Carolina's 2013 football schedule

Carolina released its 2013 football schedule today. Here are my immediate reactions.
  • We will play at South Carolina to kick off the college football season on Thursday, Aug. 29. I forgot!
  • No I didn't.
  • I thought we might play Virginia Tech, Virginia and NC State this year, and I was right. I have a weirder feeling that we will beat them all.
  • Again.
  • Didn't the Big Ten ban FCS games? I wish the ACC would do that so we could beat South Carolina four times each year.
  • Will the Tar Pit chant "not our rival" to Old Dominion?
  • Nope. Again, schedule South Carolina many, many times.
  • The Duke game moved back to Thanksgiving weekend, where it belongs this year more than ever.
  • Carolina will play its second Thursday night home game in history against Miami. This time Charlie Brown won't play. No word on Lucy. Anyone who complained about parking for the Florida State game should get a free ticket to this game, go, have a great time and keep his mouth shut. Football is fun. Parking is always a hassle when you're having fun.
  • Including two bye weeks in a schedule is disrespectful to fans. To protest, I will boycott college football. On the bye weeks.
  • See you in Columbia.
This recent training video is courtesy of I like the Farmer Fred-like coach.

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