Friday, September 9, 2011

Quinton Coples makes public statement on sack lunches

I was browsing Carolina football news this afternoon when hosted a public chat room with star defensive end Quinton Coples. The room had been going for awhile, so I wrote my question with speed and failed precision. My contribution to the transcript is below.
Me: Which do you like better: eating a sack lunch or giving one? Or both? 
QC: Sacking someone. It's a different feeling.

Slamming a grown man on his face with a jolt to the lower spine and eating bologna and cheese on wheat are different as Coples described. Of course spicy brown mustard with avocado can narrow the gap. Given some grapes, an apple and cookies for the hungrier of days, and the two approach equivalency.

But Coples did not reveal such a thought with his decisive answer. The guy might eat four gourmet buffets each day at the Loudermilk Center for Excellence. Would he stir to the sound of a crumpling brown paper bag or the sight of delicately sealed homemade sandwiches? Evidently not. 

Nom nom nom nom nom.

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