Friday, April 29, 2011

Belated videos; Woody leaves post

The Carolina basketball team recovered from a down season to win the 2011 Atlantic Coast Conference regular season championship with a winner-take-all victory over the Duke Blue Devils at home. I did not write about it when it happened because it was only the beginning of March Madness; the story of the season was not complete.

I really should have written about it. My dad, sister and friends went to the game with me. It was one of the best wins I have witnessed in the Dean Dome. My dad rushed Franklin Street with us. We got there just in time to watch the cops clear the street of students, so we went to Linda's to celebrate instead. It was magical.

In more recent news, Woody Durham unexpectedly retired after 40 years at the microphone as the radio voice of the Tar Heels. Durham cited declining performance as his reason for leaving the post. His retirement press conference was a portrait of an aging man leaving the profession he loved before someone else asked him to. Some of you might remember me expressing the same sentiments about his performance without the nostalgic mercy of a lifelong Carolina fan. Those who were born here since 1971 heard his voice before they could understand speech. I understand their loss and consider it my own as well.

CBS Carolina vs. Duke highlights from March 5, 2011

Daily Tar Heel Carolina vs. Duke highlights from March 5, 2011

Carolina vs. Duke time lapse video from March 5, 2011

2010-2011 men's basketball season highlights

Woody Durham's retirement press conference

Woody Durham's greatest calls

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