Monday, January 4, 2010

Marvin Austin and others return

The Tar Heels will return all five defensive standouts for the 2010 football season. One of them, Marvin Austin, reminded me why I love him but not Twitter with these notable, consecutive tweets from
  1. Im bout to put on my birthday suit....hahahaha...all black attack
  2. if u were wondering.......I will be a tarheel for 2010!!!!!!!
  3. Its officially..official..hahahahaha...yea I could go get paid but in some things it aint all about the money...I love carolina point blank!
  4. Im bout to be ice cold next I may as well givem helll...hahahaha....oh yea.. Go to Hell state!!!
  5. Ok so since imma be in n.c for another year..I think I should start up a charity...for less fortunate children in urdan neighborhoods
The man's vivacity outshines his editorial discretion. You might wonder why I read Austin's tweets between doses of Nabokov and Grisham. Austin made big news a month ago when he tweeted that he heard head coach Butch Davis had talked with Notre Dame officials about their open position. He had my attention.

Austin's publication upset Carolina fans who thought recruits might turn away from a coach on the run. Whether what Austin heard was true seemed to be a secondary concern, but I lost sleep over it. I nervously watched his tweets and Sports Illustrated's college rumor mill for any signs of Davis leaving town. He stayed.

In contrast nobody cared that Austin wrote about preparing for an aggressive shower. Of course Carolina fans know what to expect from him. We expect the same hair tossing, tongue wagging, smooth talking fellow who dances in the end zone during warm ups, and we like to think about him wearing clothes even though we would let him play in the nude if he wanted to.

Take this tweet from Nov. 21 after the win at Boston College:
Ayyyyyeeeee how about dat carolina should have a tie on it cause dat b**** mean business...hahahaha...excuse my

Marvin, consider my advice if you ever return the favor and read my blog. Wear that tie you talked about instead of the birthday suit when you start your charity. You are my favorite Tar Heel because you love being one as much as I do.

Go to hell, State.

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