Friday, November 13, 2009

A big day for Carolina

The top basketball recruit in the country, Harrison Barnes, signed with Carolina today. So did two other heralded recruits. Recruiting news usually does not excite me. The last time I was interested in a recruit was when Carolina fans thought Mike Paulus would carry the football program on his shoulders. Paulus brought a lot of top players to Chapel Hill but managed to lose one crucial game last year and drop to third on the depth chart.

Barnes announced his decision late this afternoon on ESPNU and ESPN Radio. I was listening in my car and did not know for sure that he would pick us. I imagined throwing my car radio out the window if he said he wanted to go to Duke. My worrying was a waste of energy. Barnes was smart enough to see the difference between the blues. On a day like today, it does not seem like we are in football season.

But on a day like tomorrow, it will not seem like we are in basketball season.

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