Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I love about writing

Why do I like to write? Is it so I can ask two stupid questions at the beginning of a lead without consequence? No. Let me tell you the two things I love about writing.

Writing is communication that begins as private and becomes public at the writer's discretion. I delete nearly as many posts as I publish, and everything I write changes before I decide I want someone else to read it. This seems obvious, but many of you who have heard me speak can appreciate how one person can seem presentable as a writer while making little sense as a talking person. When I get hungry, take cover. I talk fast and don't like doing it. Sometimes I substitute body language and grunts for words. Ask my girlfriend.

Writing allows me to put my best foot forward and then change its shoe three or four times. Writing allows me to be the version of myself that I like the best. That best version beats up the lesser versions to keep them honest. But who keeps the best version in check? Is it me? That seems unfair. I need more comments.

Writing also allows me to communicate with people when I do not try to. Written words extend the self with a life of their own. I am writing this post now to show my world of five later, but I also worked on this post awhile ago since you are reading it now. I might be sitting in a public restroom this very second without any toilet paper. That is magical to me.

But in the words of my carpool buddy, let's be honest. I also like to write because some people tell me I am good at it. I can indulge in myself with the best and worst of them. A couple weeks ago a few of my clients and their families told me I was doing a good job. Suddenly I started to like what I did. I know I am 25 years old. I should be old enough to positively reinforce my own actions but sadly need more than that. I doubt I am alone.

What do you do when the toilet paper is gone?

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