Monday, November 17, 2008

Who was that?

I looked at some personal files from years back. Thank you Gmail for archiving my awkwardly developing writing hobby. While Facebook puts our meaningless daily activities and embarrassing pictures in the public sphere for friends to see, you, Gmail, hide away our past but allow us to bring it screaming back with your unlimited storage space and "search mail" function.

You know, I used to write. I used to write like an analogy I can no longer write. I used to study the places of my life with eyes, nose, hands and heart and put it all on paper. My words will be around to haunt me for years. When I'm gone at the ripe age of 92, my words might haunt the young collegians who haven't yet arrived.

Don't write anything down if you don't want to read it yourself when you're not the same person you were when you wrote it. Or maybe you should. Just know that it's not always pretty. Life moves.

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