Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Notre Dame clarifications

Carolina continued to win last weekend against Notre Dame, but this time they won amid two controversial calls. The Brooks Foster overturned reception actually was a reception as the field officials initially called. The replay officials did not look at any angles that you cannot see in this video, which clearly shows Foster putting down two feet before the ground caused the fumble.

I cannot understand how the replay officials called this an incomplete pass. If you do, tell me so I will stop shaking when I watch it. The subsequent Irish drive and second bunchy-underwear review would not have happened if they got Foster's catch right.

Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd fumbled the ball before he touched the ground because a Tar Heel was underneath him when he fell on his back. This was also evident from a highlight video; click on the game highlights feature. You will have to pause the video at the point of the fumble to convince yourself that Floyd was not down.

Go Tar Heels. Beat Wahoos.


  1. GOOOOO HEELS!!!!! I like you was frustrated about those calls but the important thing is the HEELS continue their path to greatness!!!!!! goo Heels and God bless Butch Davis!!!

  2. You gotta hate those bunchy underwear reviews...