Thursday, February 7, 2008

The difference between losing and being a loser

Losing sucks. The only thing that makes it suck this much is the ease of winning. I am not talking about the season. Yeah, right. The season does not matter in the days following a loss to those guys. I mean taking three games in a row from a self-righteous team that, ahem, is a little more righteous in victory than defeat.

"Walk off the court when the game is over," Coach K said loud enough so the mic could pick it up and spill it across the nation. What class. What poise. May I rewind for just a brief moment?

We could always talk about The Foul. I went for 11 months as undecided on Henderson's blight. I watched it before last night's game on YouTube. I have no more doubt. You want me to describe it? Watch this instead:

Rewind a month earlier to Josh McRoberts crying at home. Is it too much pressure to play in the greatest rivalry on Earth? I hesitate to offer the following link because it makes me cringe to think about it. Life gets tougher than getting nailed by the Heels, Josh. Pull yourself together. Next time punch yourself in the face to at least draw blood like Gerald would. Poor guy.

Some would say this post is a sore loser's display. Hear this. We lost. We lost fairly. It doesn't matter that Ty wasn't there. It doesn't matter that Wayne and Danny struggled nor that Quentin continued to turn it over. Those aren't excuses. Those are mistakes, and mistakes cost us the win. We lost. And further, Duke won.

Tar Heel fans, remember this fact. A little less than half the country actually enjoyed the outcome of last night's game because Duke didn't embarrass themselves with a hissy-fit loss. For America, they are damn cute when they win. It takes a team that beats them more than anyone else to understand what they really are. Losers.

Duke, bring it on from now until forever. You won't see our lip quiver. We won't need consoling. We won't dish out any season-ending cheap shots because we are Carolina. We lose with class and win with class.

Deal with it.

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